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Are we safer after 9 11 essay

are we safer after 9 11 essay

the private sector. On the Upper West Side, an exposed bit of a pipeline running natural gas up the East Coast was encased in a protective shed, as was a vulnerable water main in the Bronx that could have flooded much of that borough. They employed 16,000 poorly trained, low-wage private screeners, who operated under guidelines, approved by the FAA, that allowed the kind of box cutters and knives (up to four inches long) that the hijackers used. If you measure safety by how many security initiatives have been put in place, Immerman said, that the United States is much safer now than it was in 2001. Costs Versus Benefits In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, fewer people flew, because they feared more aviation attacks. The largesse has hardly been limited to souped-up emergency vehicles. Policy makers fight the war that made those headlines, not the war that might come next. According to Kelly, an extra one in 10,000 people would die of cancer if people were not evacuated and if the area were not completely scrubbed. Joint Terrorism Task Forceswhich had previously consisted of small groups of FBI agents, representatives of other federal law-enforcement agencies, and a few local police officerswere beefed up with funding from Washington.

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Jack Bauer Syndrome The story of BioWatchs exercise in hope over reality illustrates what one GAO auditor calls Jack Bauer Syndrome, referring to the counterterrorism agent who was featured in 24, the hit TV series. Both towers completely collapsed within roughly eight hours of the first plane crash. We have to accept that that is going to happen. With counterterrorism, I have an expectation, and its met every day, that I will get a full report on threats across the spectrum, because we put in place structures to ensure information-sharing across the intelligence community, as well as with state and local law enforcement. The number of detectives and intelligence analysts american home front essay on Ray Kellys task force in New York went from 17 to 120. Between the years of 20, nearly two million United States troops were deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, with six thousand troops having been killed and approximately forty four thousand wounded. Its not to minimize the fear Americans justly fear about terrorism President Obama goes around telling people that more Americans die in bathtub falls than are killed by terrorists. Bringing Down an Uprising: Egypt's Stillborn Revolution. These are the threats, Siedschlag said, that will "keep us awake at night." Palarino said the United States will need to continue focusing on cyber security. Last fall Ted Koppel, the former ABC News correspondent and Nightline anchor, published Lights Out, a short, alarming book that makes the case that the United States is unprepared for a cyberattack on its electric grid. to unspecified equipment in American Samoa. The report then offered a stinging indictment of Americas security apparatus: The terrorists were successful because the governmentincluding Congressfailed.