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El nino essay tagalog

el nino essay tagalog

fishers dubbed this occurrence?El Nino, which is Spanish for The Little One. El Nino is not the only thing that influences weather. Since La Nina winters are colder, they are said not to have as much rain as normal, but in this case it had the most out of the three. Using the satellite information, nasa is able to monitor the changing atmospheric and oceanic conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean to predict the next few weeks and months.

Its name (the child) is derived from its arrival during the Christmas season. To compare El Nino and La Nina I made three different charts. Impacting the globe as it does, its surprising to see how lightly the world can take. The atmospheric cirulation also changes when the sea-surface temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific rise above normal. Current measurements are only examples of current events, and even current technology. With a fierce El Nino, storms travel from the tropics producing heavy rainfall, flooding and damage across the globe.

But during El Nino, the trade winds weaken leaving a deeper layer of warm surface water and making it difficult for cold water to rise to the. Currently, scientists do not completely understand what causes changes in the enso cycle. Distinct indications of future El Nino events include stronger than normal easterly winds and above average sea surface temperatures. What I would like to do is fully explain all aspects of the natural occurrence that is known as El Nino. Night after night, the news reporters on television are speaking of this devastating force that is casing irregular weather patterns not only in the United States, but all over the world. There is only the ever-changing combination of influences.

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