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Obokata haruko doctoral thesis

obokata haruko doctoral thesis

help by adding. 24 Nature confirmed the retraction on July. "Nature journal retracts stem cell paper citing "critical errors". This cannot be explained solely by her immaturity as a researcher. Japan 's Laboratory for Cellular Reprogramming, Riken, center for Developmental Biology. At Waseda University, Obokata undertook keypoint for an essay intro undergraduate studies in the Department of Applied Chemistry, within the School of Science and Engineering, earning. 25 26 In July 2014, Obokata was allowed to join Rikens efforts to verify her original results under monitoring by a third party.

Obokata haruko doctoral thesis
obokata haruko doctoral thesis

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Obokatas actions and sloppy data management lead us to the conclusion that she sorely lacks, not only a sense of research ethics, but also integrity and humility as a scientific researcher. After completing her master's, Obokata went on to study stem cells and regenerative medicine at the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science, a cooperative research and education facility operated with. "What pushes scientists to lie? 18 Obokata became a guest researcher at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in 2011, then she was appointed as head of the Lab for Cellular Reprogramming in 2013. Retrieved April 1, 2014. Cyranoski, David (January 29, 2014). McNeil, David (June 30, 2014) "In Japan, Research Scandal Prompts Questions".

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