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Co-supervisor thesis

co-supervisor thesis

Modelling of Waste Management in Steel Industry: A Case Study of mice and men thesis statement about dreams 1987. Kumar Inventory Management in Escorts Industrial Equipment Division: A Case Study 1987. It is not necessary for you to be employed at the faculty or elsewhere at the University of Southern Denmark. Jain Dinesh Kumar Likhi Building an Alliance Capability Model: A Study of Select Industries in Indian Context 2009.K. If the student has explored all other options and still wish to change supervisors, he or she should talk to the graduate program director. Bose Energy Conservation in Oil and Process Industry 1993.K. If the research goes off in an unexpected direction, one that is not very familiar to the thesis supervisor, the student could see what opportunities are available and what guidelines the academic unit has for this situation. Husain Strategic Management of Technology in Automobile Sector: A Study of Indian Organizations 1997.K. Jain Qualitative Analysis of Feedback Loop Using Fuzzy sets 1992.

co-supervisor thesis

Co -supervisor : Full-time academic staff member who has been recruited for metu Northern Cyprus Campus and who will contribute to the fulfillment of the thesis.
Term 2- general terms and.
As co -supervisors you must be qualified in research in the relevant field.
It is not necessary for you to be employed at the faculty or elsewhere at the University of Southern Denmark.

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Coruption thesis

The same goes for the student. A CV Proof of identity A copy of the last completed degree (for the PhD in political science, highest honours on the Masters thesis best oliver sacks essay is required) Transcripts For the PhD programmes in Sociology and History, a signed letter from a thesis supervisor authorised to supervise. At Sciences Po the co-supervision is formalised through an exchange of letters. Vinayshil Gautam Digamber Kumar Acquisition Integration of Bankrupt Company-Nortel (Men) by Ciena 2010. Ravi Kiran Sushil Poddar Entrepreneurship versus Organizational Employment : A Study of Career Choice of Engineering Students in India 2008.