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Beach descriptive writing essay

beach descriptive writing essay

stand there you can taste the salt. From a far distance the ocean is a deep navy blue; waves come in like a bulldozer from all the wind, I see occasional kayaks hovering over the water, and sometimes, I can see a fish hop out of the water, its body glimmering. A young boy queuing for ice cream, another crying, as his dripped down his arm. You could see the tiny beads of sweat tumbling down his forehead, until his faded fraying handkerchief was lifted to wipe the glistening beads away. Beach: The waves roared far out to sea on the tranquil beach. The wind teases the scattered rubbish picking it up then quickly releasing it again. Ade begged papa, Come with us, we can leave this country and be gone for good, no one will know.

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The Sun is the most important source of energy for the Earth. A net is up towards the water, and a few more figures dive to save a falling volleyball. In the distance, a ship could be seen. The spray from the sea hit the soldiers faces and the icy wind blew down hard. You may wish to include what the. Structuring Descriptive Essay, details, file Format, size: 218. The once clear sky. Construct your thesis statement. The bullets of the opposition tore through the soldiers like mince-meat.