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Essay on national integration in kannada language

essay on national integration in kannada language

farming, new techniques and proper use of fertilisers and pesticides. Paresara malinya write an essay on our national integration in kannada language write an essay on our fair write an essay on national voters day national voters day write an essay on our national festivals in kannada write an essay on our school write. India has fifteen officially recognized languages. Land dispute, language problem are some of the reasons which pose hurdle on the way of national integration. Basically, it means to get information from a source (ie. People of one language try to establish their language over others. Law and order should be maintained at all costs. National int6egration is a broad word to define it simply mean to join all parts of country and abolish casteism as possible.

Our cultural unity is further exemplified by the great temples of the South, the caves of Khajuraho and Ajanta and Ellora which are glittering examples of proficiency of India in the field of architecture and sculpture. Therole of people is to bind people ideologically. The cause of anxiety is the separatist tendency which tends to endanger the age-old communal harmony and unity of the country. Look up some facts! Now, steps should therefore, be taken to to strengthen the feeling of National Integration, Unity and Communal Harmony. The same things are thus seen and read all over India ad this helps in the growth of similar mentality and thought this can broadly be termed as the growth of consciousness of belonging to one nation. We as a Nation lack integrity because our politicians have their own personal Political agendas at heart as apposed to the Nations agendas as a whole. On the contrary, a national sentiment springs from the patriotic spirit one invokes towards the fact that one is recognized as a Rajasthani or a Bengali only when one is an inseparable part of the Indian identity.

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