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Essay terrorism india hindi

essay terrorism india hindi

be justified and it must not be tolerated. This rivalry or how to write an essay for interview feeling of hatred may be caused due to difference in religious sentiments, economic disparity, lack of aid provided to developing nations and more. Despite the formation of anti-terrorist agencies and their high end strategies, the terrorist groups still succeed in carrying out terrorist activities. Some of the well-known and infamous terrorist attacks are 1993 Bombay bombings, 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, 2016 Uri attack, Mumbai train bombings in 2006, attack on Red Fort in 2000 and much more. Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion. Introduction, terrorism is one of the major problems faced by India and also the whole world. It is involved in neutralising terror elements that are a threat to the country, promoting counter proliferation and guarding Indias nuclear programme.

essay terrorism india hindi

Terrorism in India in Hindi! (Terrorism Attack Ind ia). Anil Kapoor Biography and upcoming movie in hindi - November 22, 2017. Also Read, Essay on Plastic. Terrorism Essay for Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others.

Terrorism Essay in Hindi Language

essay terrorism india hindi

Here are some of the chief terrorist groups operating in India: Jaishe-Muhammad: This is a Pakistan based terrorist group operating in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist attacks cause a huge number of deaths, injuries to victims and the post-traumatic stress happens in the victims mind by witnessing such a terror. Global Terrorism, terrorism is not just limited to India but is a global problem. It has adopted various special tactics to bar terrorism. The Khalistan Movement in Punjab is one of the examples of this type of terrorism. But the number of countries affected by the terrorism is increased. When you speak from the heart you might fumble once or twice but it connects with your audience. Socio-Economic Disparity, india is known for its socio-economic disparity. The terrorism and violence should be shunned. The religious terrorism can be highly seen in Jammu Kashmir areas, where Muslims belonging to different organizations took to terrorism for conflicting objectives.