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Million little pieces essay

million little pieces essay

show more content. Life as he knows it is essentially over, and the story that follows tells of how Moorie copes with his own death sentence. Another important step is James's decision to hide his friends and his girlfriend from his parents. His relationship with Lilly is suddenly out in the open, and Miles, a fine, upstanding citizen, reveals himself to be no better than James - he is as much as an alcoholic as any other criminal in the facility.

Also important is the background information that the flashbacks provide about the relationship between Moorie and Mitch prior to Mitch's adult conversation. All of these things show his self-improvement, his strength for working on his problems alone and trying to get salvation in ways he can be proud of after, being able to say he made himself a better person.

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When James tells his parents the story of his addiction, he is in essence giving himself another chance to regroup. Respect is seen in A Million Little Pieces when James's parents meet him at the facility where he is being taken care of for his weaknesses. Mitch makes a conscious and earnest effort to be as unlike his uncle as he can possibly be, opting for various jobs in various locales so that he may avoid the terrible monotony of corporate life he had seen his uncle suffer through. By letting out everything on his mind to his parents, he will now be able to receive advice from his councillors as well as his parents without taking it as severe criticism and this will be beneficial to him in the future as it will. With each step closer to the drugs, the feelings become stronger. He finds that his parents are more concerned with whether his friends are nice people and whether he loves his girlfriend. Seeking happiness in love versus seeking happiness in money serves as one of Morrie's most important lessons, as it is repeated numerous times throughout the book. But now I fear I've lost my spark. The bodys dependency on drugs becomes so strong after a while it does not know how to survive without them; it keeps waiting to have a need filled, like hunger. Advice and recommendation is also seen in Tuesdays with Moorie. Thus, the reader is able to contrast their former relationship with the one they have regenerated. His fellow patients include a damaged crack addict with whom Frey wades into an ill-fated relationship, a federal judge, a former championship boxer, and a mobster (who, upon his release, throws a hilarious surf-and-turf bacchanal, complete with pay-per-view boxing).

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