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Mass media essay advantages disadvantages

mass media essay advantages disadvantages

mass communication. People are easily distracted. All FM radio stations should have programmes in which medical doctors appear in the studios to make the people aware of specific diseases, their causes, symptoms and how to avoid them. The study by American Academy of Pediatrices, sexuality, contraception, and reference to abstinence or sexually transmitted to sex a teen will see on television each year. This canalso affect the way people learn.

The crime received heavy coverage in the mass media and appeared everywhere- TV, newspaper,radio and the Internet. Range from advertising stores to services to sales.

mass media essay advantages disadvantages

Media refers to various means of communication.
Short Essay on Television.
Meaning and Importance of Media.

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One disadvantage to print media is the fact that you have to mailit to others instead of sending it electronically. One disadvantage of electronic media is the fact that it cuts offhuman interaction. Usually small and to the point. An advantage is the personal political views of the media is so diversified, a sitting politician of any political party or ideology is kept in check, forced to be less corrupt, and is constantly checked and scrutinized for honesty. Not sure if you mean benefits of sports essay pt3 filming it, interviewing and reporting it or as a fan. As for internet realted complaints: A whole lot of information about an individual can accumulate on the internett. 10 Disadvantages of Social Media for the Society 1:- Cyberbullying, according to a report published by PewCenter. Print media would be a sub-set of mass media. Inmy opinion mass media have advantage as well as disadvantage firstit is wasting of time watching nonsense article iit give bad effecton child.