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Essay green building benefits

essay green building benefits

significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to other major emitting sectors unep, 2009. Our, better Places for People project focuses on creating buildings which are not only good for the environment, but also support healthier, happier and more productive lives. More construction used a lot of energy and makes a lot of pollution, but in green construction there is minimize of energy used and also never pollute the environment. At a building level: Green buildings achieving the Green Star certification in Australia have been shown to produce 62 fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings, and 51 less potable water than if they had been built to meet minimum industry requirements. You will be able to save on energy costs, because going green also means conserving energy. You dont have to jump in head first, and you can actually take some baby steps along the way. Green-building concepts extend beyond the walls of buildings and include site planning, community and land-use planning issues as well. The energy-efficiency portion of a Green Gauge Assessment is completed using the.S. Many of these benefits are around the health and wellbeing of people who work in green offices or live in green homes. Social Green building benefits go beyond economics and the environment, and have been shown to bring positive social impacts too. People build building and structures for meet their social need and for shelter from out sided attack which is like wind, rain, sunlight and etc.

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What is green building? What are green buildings? Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building. So growing acceptance and realization throughout the world that there is a need for more responsible approach to environment. 4- High ROI rates: Considering that these buildings are all natural, they have huge return on investment rates and properties in these buildings sell at high prices. Most of these points make a good business to developer which is minimizing the waste and increase the efficiency. The benefits of green buildings can be grouped within three categories: environmental, economic and social. Vref1 titleEco-Friendly Sustainable Building m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. These include cost savings on utility bills for tenants or households (through energy and water efficiency lower construction costs and higher property value for building developers; increased occupancy rates or operating costs for building owners; and job creation. The manufacturing, design, construction and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources. While it may cost you a bit more to get started when you are going green, because green materials and products can be more costly, you really have to consider the type of savings that you will be able to reap. However, a regular building costs wont stop after its construction since money will always be spent on maintenance, renovation, operation or even demolition.