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Story of gilgamesh and enkidu essay

story of gilgamesh and enkidu essay

a marvelous companion in his journeys. (Tablet I) The formation of the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu was very interesting and abrupt. They encouraged themselves at hard times. Two swords are always stronger than one, and two heads are always smarter than one. Enkidu was as the shield before me, Gilgamesh says with a lot of trust (94). At the end, Enkidu was the one who died. In The Epic of Gilgamesh we can observe several relationships, but the one between Gilgamesh and Enkidu is the most significant.

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These came from the dreams of Gilgamesh, which were interpreted by his mother, Ninsun. Gilgamesh truly suffered from Enkidus death which shows that these two could be rightfully called soul mates. At this point, it seems that this friendship started as a benefit relation. I will also explore other aspects of their identity and how they came to their identities as well, through theories such as social conditioning. Not only they were helping each other, they also took care of each other by shielding one another without thinking about their own benefit. This is not an example of a real one but this caused his civilization. There needs to be great effort, selflessness, and warmth from both sides in order to have a decent relationship, and it takes much more work to have a perfect one. Both men, who are equally strong, feel the need to unite their strengths and weaknesses, their courage and fear; they are growing together emotionally and physically, making a perfect team.

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