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Economy of china essay

economy of china essay

and affecting social harmony and stability. In fact, the nation has the second largest number of poor people globally after India. This has made China to be one of the most influential nations in the global economy. Another great problem that China is faced with is demographic pressure with regards to the aging population and internal labor migration. When economic reform began in 1978, Chinas GDP was 362.4 billion yuan, and by 2008 this number rose to a staggering 30 trillion yuan (m). In recent years, it happened much more flood and mine disaster frequently in the domestic, which related the deterioration of the environment. The Second malpractice is problem between resources and environment. Worldbank prediction for Vietnam economy 2013. We have expertise in all disciplines and guarantee papers that are original and of the bet quality always.

The challenges faced by China above are outlined in its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011 to 2015). Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this document? Considering Chinas annual growth target of 7, there are clear indications that the country is aiming at putting much emphasis on the quality of life instead of the pace of growth. However, in the modern, China economy rapidly rises. In the 90s, China has three big floods. The plan has also set targets to effectively ensure that pollution is reduced to solve environmental challenges. Generally, China has great economic muscle and is expected to even rise to be a slave essay to the top of the world in the near future. Since Chinas initiation of market reforms in 1978, it has moved from a centrally planned economy to one that is market based. Pham, international Political Economy Essay - the 21st century will be China_s cent. Official data indicates that approximately.99 million people in China still live below the poverty line that was by 2012 set at RMB 2,300 annually. These policy adjustments should be made soon in order to protect the economy from deterioration. GDP percentage for the proportion of the world does not increase but decrease.

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