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Essay on television addictions

essay on television addictions

eye sight. But if we watch too much television then it has negative effects. This is possible only by staying away from. Contents, in this post, I will help you know what exactly TV addiction is, causes of TV addiction, signs, effects and preventive measure to overcome TV addiction.

The television does not decide this for us, we decide it by ourselves. Other potential pleasurable experiences are no longer possible, for under the spell of he addictive experience, his life is peculiarly distorted.

Creating a goal to limit the TV time will help you prevent computer addiction. Let us take control of technology and use it to improve our lives. Do not turn on TV as soon as you come home.

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Therefore, family members are obsessed with watching their favorite channels. But the television importance of fitness essay viewer can never be sated with his television experiences- they do not provide the true nourishment that satiation requires- and thus he finds that he cannot stop watching. Reference Copied to Clipboard. It weakens relationships by reducing and sometimes eliminating normal opportunities for talking, for communicating. The measure of heath, writes Lawrence Kubie, is flexibility and especially the freedom to cease when sated. The different type of lights coming out of television has negative effect on our eyes. On the other hand, television has increased the speed at which information travels, and it can transfer circumstances and images into our homes that previous generations never had. The damage is attributable to other social factors, not television. Not unlike drugs or alcohol, the television experiences allow the participant to blot out the real world and enter into a pleasurable and passive mental state. The addict craves an experience and yet he is never really satisfied.

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