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How to decide a major to study essay

how to decide a major to study essay

The New York Times includes a three-step plan for selecting a major field that balances financial viability and personal preference. Many students switch majors during their college career-some do it quite often. Their calculations factored in average tuition costs at public and private universities, median annual salaries and per-year increases in inflation and cost-of-living. When do I declare a major? Your major in college is your specialized area of study. A creative writing major might minor in literature, while a business major may pursue a minor in finance or accounting. Grants for Women Going Back to School : This list from Student Grants includes options for mothers who are considering an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program. If you are interested in a major that requires a lot of classes, or classes that are limited to students in that major, then it is better to declare early. Plus: Here's our list. Please note that ROIs in each major differ by specific careers; for this reason, the best and worst lists are not ranked. Our goal is to provide a helpful resource for students who are unsure about which major is the best choice for them financially, professionally and personally.

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A recent poll by Payscale found that degree-holding alumni generally recommended majors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (stem) fields; other areas with high approval ratings included business, accounting and finance, nursing and health care management. Which Majors Have the Highest Employment Rate? We know that choosing a college major can be overwhelming. Many people dont choose a major until they absolutely have to, and even then, change majors at least once. Roughly one-third of bachelors program graduates will go on to earn a graduate degree. Lowest Median Annual Earnings Ranked by Sub-Major (2014) Library Science Major Subgroup: Education Number of Majors: 1,098 Median Annual Salary: 22,000 Counseling Psychology Major Subgroup: Psychology and Social Work Number of Majors: 4,626 Median Annual Salary: 23,400 Clinical Psychology Major Subgroup: Psychology and Social Work. This test plays an integral role in todays corporate culture.