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Hanson thesis

hanson thesis

is completely made up might be rated as completely false, while a" that is modified in a way that leaves the meaning mostly the same might count as a small fractional error. Independent judging organizations would be needed to evaluate claims of error. Alternatively, sentence level errors might be combined to produce categories of overall article error, with bonds paying different amounts to those who prove each different category. ( more one problem with news is that sometimes readers who want truth instead read (or watch) and believe news that is provably false. Bond amounts should be held in escrow or guaranteed in some other way. Papers was published in 2007 and found one of the highest sleep deprivation thesis abstract error rates on record just over 59 of articles contained some type of error, according to sources. But it seems to me that doing so is well within our capabilities. Say no more than two bonds paid on each days news.

hanson thesis

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For that purpose, it doesnt much matter how accurate is such news. So even better estimates of article accuracy would come from prediction markets on the chance of paying a bond, conditional on a large bond amount being randomly set for that article (for example) a week after it is published. The Elephant in the Brain, the main function of news in our lives may be to offer topics in fashion that we each can all riff on in our local conversations, to show off our mental backpacks of tools and resources. On the one hand, judges cant just offer to evaluate all claims presented to them for free. For example, a bond might pay according to some function of the number of sentences (or maybe sentence clauses) in an article shown to be false. However, it seems to me that it should be possible to aggregate individual article errors into measures of overall article error, and to focus bond payouts on the most mistaken fake news type articles. Another option is to have the bond amount offered be a function of the (posted) number of readers of an article. A simple approach could go sentence by sentence. One possible theory is that publishers dont offer bonds because that would remind readers of typical high error rates: The largest accuracy study.S. To make a reasonable tradeoff, I suggest a system wherein claim submissions include a fee to pay for judging, a fee that is refunded double if that claim is verified.

To get more precise estimates of the chance that an article will be shown to be in error, one could create prediction markets on the chance that an individual article will pay a bond, with initial prices set at statistical model estimates. One might excuse editorial sentences that do not intend to make verifiable newsy claims, and distinguish background claims from claims central to the original news of the article. GD Star Rating loading).

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