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Where does the heading go on an essay

where does the heading go on an essay

corruption at the hands of the Sith Emperor. With Revan's help, Zaalbar was able to overcome the shame that his brother Chuundar had placed upon Zaalbar's shoulders, and the Jedi rescued Zaalbar's father Freyyr and helped both Freyyr and Zaalbar overthrow Chuundar. When Juhani urged her to come with them, Shan revealed that she had become Darth Malak's apprentice and that she was no longer a "pawn" of the Jedi Council. The New Essential Chronology, which established Revan as male, also established that the light-side ending of the game and the destruction of the Star Forge was canon. Revan, Shan, and Onasi then left the apartment only to be met by a Twi'lek messenger who informed Revan that Canderous Ordo wished to meet with him in the Upper City Cantina. " " It should not have surprised anyone that Revan turned Sith. 12 While his companions returned to the Ebon Hawk, Revan headed to the Temple exterior, where the Rakata began the ritual that would take several hours.

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Revan discussed the inactivity of Nyriss' conspiracy with Scourge, but Revan's attempt to insinuate himself as a possible ally were too obvious for Scourge to miss, and the Sith Lord laughed openly at Revan's implication. Despite her youth, Vao did not consider herself a child, and she became fast friends with Revan during their travels. Revan was recognized by several of the Dark Jedi, though they viewed him as weak for having submitted to the Jedi Council, and none of the Dark Jedi survived their encounters with the three Jedi. 1 Revan maintained his sense of humor as both a Sith and a Jedi, such as how he reprogrammed HK-47 to designate organics as "meatbags 12 and he sometimes used sarcasm as a shield to hide his own emotions. Returning to Wynn, Revan informed the Sith Master of his accomplishments in the Valley, and the impressed Wynn told Revan to rest for the night so that he could take him on his final test the next day. 1 Revan and Scourge's discussion led Revan to admit that he was willing to die if that was what the Force had ordained for him, and Revan recognized and embraced the possibility that it was in fact another's responsibility to defeat the Emperor. While at the landing pad, Vao and Revan encountered Lena, the old girlfriend of Mission's brother Griff, and Mission was dismayed to learn from Lena that Griff was the one who had convinced Lena to abandon Mission on Taris, not the other way around. Admiral Karath soon arrived to oversee their torture, and he began by taunting Onasi when the Republic officer became furious at Karath's presence. The materials on this site are meant to help you educate yourself through the process.

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where does the heading go on an essay

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