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Professional identity nursing essay

professional identity nursing essay

handicapped mentally or is underage and yet she or he insists on having their decisions followed the principle would allow me stop. The association is a professional organization that represents over 23,000 Marriage and Family Therapist in the US, Canada, and abroad. The association has been existent for a period of twenty five years and has assisted mental health counselors to network with their fellow professional peers, expand their knowledge professionally and be of better service to clients. As earlier mentioned mental health counselors are confronted with infinite ethical dilemmas in their daily practice. . Marital and family therapy service providers were suggested to be prepared to use large ranges of clinical tactics within counseling with couples and families. Their goals include the promotion of public trust and confidence in professional counseling and uniting under one organization people that are engaged in the various phases of professional counseling. . Although some clients will prefer the office sessions, the idea of right now therapy can help in crisis situations and will allow the counselor and the patient almost immediate contact via advanced technology. In such an environment where infinite problems are presented and solutions developed then there is no doubt that I would have to face countless ethical dilemmas and a long list of other challenges. According to (Georgia Board of Prof., (2012) These roles are enforced by the education and training requirements established by law for licensure within each profession. Essentially no one apart from me needs to give me the approval to take action or to make decisions based on my assessments.

professional identity nursing essay

In similar conflicting situations the five ethical principles provide nonnegotiable ethical standards that would be of assistance in getting better understanding of the issues and thus making rational decisions. Legal, ethical, and political issues in nursing. Being a nurse is an internal transformation that is evident in the social external transactions and roles.

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Comprehension of the principle including the education that I have attained from classroom training is enough to allow me to independently interpret the patients symptoms, initiate, develop and enact therapeutic solutions or care plans. As a professional with knowledge of the principle I am would be in a better position to understand where social controls for example that are imposed on individuals with diseases such as aids are inappropriate and thus offer the ideal remedies. The mission of the organization is to enhance the mental health counseling profession through advocacy, licensing, professional development and education (amhca, 2002). Conversing with clients via chat forums or groups, one on one video chats, or through private websites can help the counselor in treatments or therapeutic mediating. Nonetheless, even when confronted with such situations the counselor must always acknowledge that their primary responsibility is to enhance the well being of the client and thus provide solutions that align with this objective. Also, by adopting and imposing code of ethics governing licensees, creating and demanding continuing education requirements are performed. By assisting these individuals to deal with their challenges, then social change becomes imminent because the root cause for the social evils that were available would have been dealt with. It is good to know that the wellness of the counselors mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual health must be functional to be perfective. A professional identity is figuring out results from a scientific study process that simplify a knowledge of your field of choice, that allows you to verbally express his or her function with anyone that is obsolete (Brott Myers, (1999 Smith Robinson, (1995). Institute of Medicine Report.