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Advantages and disadvantages of texting and calling essay

advantages and disadvantages of texting and calling essay

your brain because they kills your brain cells. Under the E-commerce Regulations, you are required to make it clear who the message is from and commercial communications must be clearly recognisable as such. You will need to employ a mobile phone agency to send out the texts for you. It can also take up large amount of time that can be used for something important. Shock absorber for information : Texting sometimes acts as a shock absorber for information. Reduces your attention when driving : Texting has negative effects since it requires you to pay attention on the phone whenever you are texting. Text messaging is useful if you need to get in contact quickly with someone. It has a number of benefits which are as follows:.

Nowadays, users can send photo messages as well as text messages, which means that people can share photos with friends and family. Texting while driving is a growing issue today, especially with the teenagers. Cost effective : Texting is one of the cheapest modes of communication. Companies tend to price their services by packages so check their delivery ratesĀ and make sure the support services are satisfactory. Also, a person is more likely to check his phone more often than his computer. Sometimes perceived as rude: Texting may be perceived by others as rude especially in cases where the user uses short forms and responds using one word.

) I do not own or claim any rights to this answer and neither does blurt it : ) thanked the writer. Can be used on any mobile device : Texting is a feature that is available on almost all mobile communication devices. You can't always get hold of person who you want to talk to, this is no good in an emergency.

With car which can easily travel over hundred miles per hour has made it even more dangerous for drivers who text. For example, I rather send a text message to my boss, saying that I will be out sick today; rather than call him and have a proper conversation. Not aware of your surroundings : Texting somehow takes away your concentration and makes you unaware of your surrounding and this may be dangerous especially for road users. Since the invention of the mobile phone, texting has become a common method of communication and sometimes the most preferred method. Today, cell phones are a major part of our life. Another disadvantage is that texting has changed the importance of grammar how to write a journal article review summary and the correct spelling, causing many problems because people simply do not know how to write formally and accurately. Universal : Texting is available as a method of communication all over the world. For more information, see e-commerce and the law. Increasing retail revenue.

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