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The immortal life of henrietta lacks essay

the immortal life of henrietta lacks essay

cure them. However, I do think that the donor should receive a small portion of the royalties from the sale of these cell lines. Almost all patients have a chance to ask their doctors questions and talk their treatment over with family if needed. She does not push or force them to meet her, but instead waits when they are truly ready. Without communication and informed consent there is no trust.

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She calls the family members repeatedly, and patiently waits when they change their minds about meeting with her. Most educated patients have a tendency to be more devoted in their treatment, they work with their doctors toward finding treatments, rather then presuming their doctors will give them a prescription to make them feel completely cured. Henrietta's early death impacted her family severely. They used cells from Henrietta without her consent to develop the HeLa line, but did not profit from. Although sometimes thats not the case. 8, do you think of the characters of George and Margaret Gey? Ethel had hated Henrietta, so she abused Henrietta's children horribly, especially Joe/Zakariyya. I believe it was Rebecca's tenacity and generosity, mixed with her genuine interest in the person of Henrietta Lacks, that allowed her to befriend the Lacks family. Most significantly, Henrietta would not have developed cervical cancer if she were not born with a cervix. "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Essay Questions". Her husband Day had to take two jobs in order to support his children, so Henrietta's cruel cousin Ethel moved in to look after the children while Day was at work.

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