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Essay on the constitution of india

essay on the constitution of india

the Contitution. The Nehru report was submitted on 10 August, 1928. It was discussed by the elected representatives of the people in the Constituent Assembly.

essay on the constitution of india

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It is near the Parliament House, where the representatives of our people meet to discuss and frame rules for the country. The caste system for long divided the society. The drafting committee of the constitution consists of seven members with. For instance, the right to freedom of speech does not mean that we can say anything to anyone. The date January 26 was chosen to commemorate the declaration of independence of 1930. This vague aspect proves that the British reluctantly agreed to this idea of Constituent Assembly and were not serious about its implementation. The Constitution of India prescribes a clear division of power between the Union and States by defining the legislative relations, administrative relations and financial relations. All the citizens are equal before the law. It is a treasure to be purchased with a nations best blood.