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Thesis original contribution

thesis original contribution

notion of authenticity this is all my own work, I havent copied. And some of these teams even come up with theories or results that are pretty similar. Not, usually that the writer has invented something without precedent, but that she has made us perceive what we already, in a conceptual sense, know, by deviating from the conventional, habituated ways of representing reality. This combination of disciplines also leads me to draw broadly on theoretical and conceptual literature, and my literature review is spread throughout this thesis. . Providing a new solution to a known problem and demonstrating the solutions efficacy 6, marian Petre Gordon Rugg, The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research Open Up Study Skills. In my case, I am presenting my work as a designer of technology-enhanced, learner-centred education.

Parts of thesis introduction,

A demonstration that the work or the practice constitutes an independent and original contribution to knowledge in the chosen field; To be found in the discussion of each selected item of practice in the Claim, where reflections on learning, contribution, originality, impact and importance are. Rodrigo, may 31, 2013, a PhD is an original piece of research. I know the debates. The main thing is that the gap between "advancing human knowledge" and "mastering the subject" is huge and there is a lot of grades in-between. winter et al 2000 the regulations for the Bolton PhD by Retrospective Practice demand that the thesis should consist of: A rigorous critical appraisal, normally between 10,000 and 15,000 words university of Bolton, 2008 the regulations give 5 specific criteria, set out here in table. 8, re-contextualization of an existing technique, theory or model (i.e. Why do they matter? The object of study might be different, but the contribution will be to a broader field. Canada requires an external review to be positive (which, by the way, makes perfect sense as a simple safeguard against "local standard relaxation" to me and. The significance of the findings à Why should anyone care? The victory in a decent battle is sufficient, but not necessary. I rather like, david Lodge s notion of originality.