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Six season of bangladesh essay

six season of bangladesh essay

a great variety of fish and vegetables in this season. During this season, winds are variable in direction because this is the time of transition between the northerly or northwesterly winds of winter and the southerly or southwesterly winds of summer. Poor people suffe much from cold. A major Hindu festival durga puja is celebrated during this season. Average temperatures in January vary from about 11'C in the northwestern and northeastern parts of the country to 20'C to 21'C in the coastal areas. However, the bright day is often punctuated by sudden showers. But practically, November through February is the winter season in Bangladesh.

At this time the sky is clear and plants sprout new leaves. Rainfall of this season accounts for 70 to 85 percent of the annual total. Due to heavy and continual rains rivers, ponds, canals, beels, fields, etc. Smallpox has since been completely eradicated and cholera largely controlled.

six season of bangladesh essay

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The contrast between the daytime and nighttime temperatures results in heavy dew. The norther wind blows terribly. Dews fall on the blades of grass and look like pearls in the morning sun. Besides small pox, cholera and other diseases break out during this time. Late autumn (hemanta) The fourth season, covers Kartik and Agrahayan (mid-October to mid-December). During this season, winds inside Bangladesh generally have a northerly component (ie, flowing from north or northwest).

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