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Comparison/contrast essay rubric

comparison/contrast essay rubric

4 thesis. BodyParagraphs "Topic#entences #upportingetails *ach paragraph contains a clearly focused topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement.*etails in the paragraphs are clear and specific, and there are enough details to create vivid images for a thorough comparison or contrast. The essay clearly explains similarities and differences between the works of art in terms of the religious, political, social or economic circumstances of their production. It took more than one reading to figure out what the essay was Students can be bewildered by a typical compare / contrast essay rubric. 2pts - The paper has an engaging voice that is truly the writers own and captivates the readers attention 2pts Mechanics 10 points - Spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure are flawless 2pts - There is no repetition 2pts - The diction, although sophisticated, is clear. Points, explanation/content The similarities and differences chosen are minor details that dont provide the structure for a good comparison The essay describes, but does not really attempt to explain the similarities and differences The similarities and differences chosen are interesting, but there isnt much. Introduction and thesis statement do not introduce both subjects for comparison or contrast, or they may not bea complete sentence.!o controlling point about the subjects is evident. Substantiates thesis with appropriate evidence.

The essays thesis or organizing idea is not based on significant similarities or differences. Compare and contrast This rubric was created to assess student informational compare / contrast essays on 2 plants or 2 animals that they researched for their ecosystem. There are no apparent topic sentences for each paragraph.*etails are either wrong or lacing.!o vivid sense language is used.

comparison/contrast essay rubric

Or the details do not fit the author's point for the comparison /contrast.
There is no conclusion evident in the essay, or the conclusion is not related to the remainder of the essay.

The thesis attempts to explain, in art historical terms, the significant similarity or difference. The essays includes a thesis or organizing idea based on at least one significant similarity OR difference. _ Ideas and Content: The paper contains an insightful and/or sophisticated thesis that Compare and Contrast Paragraph Rubric PDF Comparing Thank You,. Introduction and thesis statementintroduce the subjects for comparison or contrast, but they either do not give accurate and complete information, or they donot emphasie the author's point for the comparison or contrast. The Saylor Foundation www. Rubric for, comparison -and-Contrast. Exposition: Comparison -and-, contrast Essay.Comparative, essay Rubric. Exposition: Comparison -and-, contrast Essay.Saylor URL: ylor. Writing a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay samples Step by step instructions for teaching the compare / contrast essay. They engage the reader and create interest.

comparison/contrast essay rubric

An essay rubric is useful for the teacher and the student. The essays introduction has a good thesis statement that includes most of the points listed in the article. The points to support comparisons and contrasts are definitive with clear and relevant and specific examples presented. Compare contrast essay rubric. Essay employing comparison / contrast component OF rubric AND specific criteria level levels OF effectiveness 4: complete All characteristics present 3: extensive Most characteristics present 2: moderate Some characteristics present 1: limited Few characteristics.

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