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Benjamin franklin essay

benjamin franklin essay

promotion of science, in 1743. He invented a simple odometer. The most profound impact was the expansion of British territory claims in America. Ben is most famous for his questions about electricity, but ethos british dissertations he also experimented with many other ideas in nature. The American Revolution influenced so much more than just peoples taxes and freedom. Benjamin Franklin Essay, Research Paper, benjamin Franklin, during the period after Americas birth there were many incredible people but none more so than Benjamin Franklin.

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He believed in the power of the press, using his printing press as a way to bring the news to all people. It became the most successful newspaper in all of the colonies. While he was building his business, Franklin was also helping his city. When lightning strikes the building the rod will attract it and channel the electricity down to the ground where it will do much less damage. Remember, all free essays you can find publicly online are 100 plagiarized and can be used in instructional purposes only. It was this that motivated him to invent the lightning rod. Today, we honor Benjamin Franklin as one of our Founding Fathers and also as one of Americas greatest citizens.

benjamin franklin essay

Relative Topics: American Revolution. Reading is essential for everyday living, regardless of my insufficient skills. _ This is a sample essay (essay example) on Benjamin Franklin.

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