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Research paper on corporate social responsibility pdf

research paper on corporate social responsibility pdf

or risks from inaction (e.g., reputational damage and loss of market share). In addition, a multiyear view could help the assessment process by highlighting the evolution of the relationship between the company and its suppliers as well as the progressive geographical dispersion of the supply chain. Bowen (1953) claimed that companies have the obligation to pursue policies, make decisions, or follow lines of action that are desirable in terms of the objectives and values of the society. Research shows that many consumers prefer to purchase products from and invest in shares of those companies that care for the environment and maintain good citizenship behaviors. An increased pressure is placed upon companies by stakeholders, mainly consumers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs specifically to develop management systems across the supply chain. Because of sustainable SCM, companies can be held responsible for the social and environmental impacts arising along the supply chains to which they belong. For socially responsible firms the most relevant benefits are the enhancement of corporate image and the possibility to gain a focused and/or differentiated competitive advantage. (1996) found that environmental progressives may reject suppliers without sufficient environmental awareness, policies, and procedures. We then summarize and relate the articles in this special issue to the proposed agenda. Environmental Supply Chain Management, george. Contribute to suppliers awareness building and training on CSR issues.

research paper on corporate social responsibility pdf

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For instance, consumers and NGOs criticized Nike regarding sweatshop labor issues at its overseas suppliers. Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang Scientific Publishing. Facing ethical responsibilities means to transact business in a manner expected and viewed by society as being fair and reasonable, even though not legally required. Whereas logistics management encompasses several processesthat is, inbound and outbound transportation management, warehousing, inventory management, management of third-party logistics service providers, sourcing and procurement, packaging and assembly, and customer service, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (2007)the literature on LSR examines only. At the same time, several other studies revealed concerns regarding opportunities in the profession, with women perceiving fewer opportunities than those available for men. In most cases, SMEs more easily foster environmental than social responsibility along the supply chain. As results of the survey, logistics plays a more prominent role in the implementation than in the formulation of CSR policies. The reverse logistics definition has changed over time; initially, the expression reverse logistics was used to refer to reverse direction (with respect to the forward direction that goes from suppliers to final customers then the literature on reverse logistics started to include references on the.

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research paper on corporate social responsibility pdf