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Basic terms of newspaper

basic terms of newspaper

Page Terms. Press Machine that prints the newspaper. Paper view the content exactly how it appears in the printed version of the newspaper. Jumpline: Line at the bottom of a story listing the page where the story continues. Byline the name of the writer printed at the top of the story, below the headline; reporters credit line. Feature a story in which the interest lies in something other than the news value. Hook anecdotes, questions,"s and other that reporters use to make their stories more appealing to readers and draw them into the stories. Unattributed sources sources who provide information with the understanding that their names morning walk essay in english will not be used in the story.

basic terms of newspaper

(m) Instagram site for sharing photos and videos that allows no embedded links, used by newspapers to build brand, not for making money. Folio tabs words placed beside the page number identifying the page content. Copyright an authors or publications exclusive right of property for the work the person or organization produces. Tube a plastic receptacle with an open end for a carrier to deliver the paper. (m) Facebook page a public profile created by businesses, organizations, celebrities and anyone seeking to promote themselves publicly through social media, attracting fans, not friends and updating frequently and using video, RSS feeds and other to promote the person or serve the purpose of the. Human Interest Emotional appeal in the news. Folio Newspaper name, date and page number that appear at the top of each page. Plate an aluminum sheet that the negative is transferred to so that it can be run on the press. graphic designer an individual trained in visual communication who uses font, space, images and other to create messages; often trained to use Adobe Suite and other advanced design tools. Bundle stack of newspapers wrapped, tied and loaded onto trucks for delivery to carriers who deliver individual copies to print subscribers.

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