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Reasons for ww1 essay

reasons for ww1 essay

much of Asia into colonies. However, the competition for colonies strained relations among European countries. Next Essays Related to WW1, got a writing question? By august the major European powers were at war with each other. During the Depression in the 1930 the united states achieved a huge growth in their economy due to the world wars. New states, especially in the Balkans and other ethnic groups, wanted national identity. It can determine the strength or weekness of a nation.

The second reason why the United States entered the war is how to rephrase your thesis statement based on what President Wilson stated. So the main reason why the US declared war on Germany is because Germany infringed on the rights of neutral USA. I am going to talk about each cause in detail and hopefully give you an idea of why war broke out. Thank you. They made an attempt to ensure self-preservation and security by developing alliances with other countries and amongst themselves. Since the United States was forced to send their goods to the Allies, the United State manufacturers did a huge amount of exporting to them. Key players were the Central powers consisting of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary; the Allies, a few of which were France, Great Britain and Russia. A ruler could want to expand his empire. World WAR 1 The cause of World War 1 was not only of the terrorist group, The Black Hand Gang, kill the Archduke of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand. People of the same ethnic backgrounds, language and ideals came to realize they had the right to self-determination, which could and did lead the formation of separate sovereignties. Lets take Poland as an example, before the Great War most of Poland was a Russian client state and during the war they devastated since they served as battleground but they gain their independence upon a conclusion of war.