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Culturally competent nursing care essay

culturally competent nursing care essay

nursing, Maori have the right to develop their health by using their authority and autonomy in managing their interest over health. They often had trouble trying to communicate with speakers of limited English proficiency, let alone people of vastly different value systems and normative behaviors from that of Anglo-European culture. The arrival of more than half a million Southeast Asian refugees, from 1975 to 1992, for example, tested the ability of medical and social workers to continue effective practice among speakers of other languages and among those coming from very different understandings of everything from. This was found rarely in New Zealand however, it affected the Maori population more because of unhealthy living conditions. This is done by; Discussing what vital signs are and when are they used in practice. When interacting with people from other cultures, the individual experiences certain obstacles that are caused by differences in cultural understanding between two people from different cultures. High power distance cultures 4 22 Believe that social and class hierarchy and inequalities are beneficial, that authority should not be challenged, and that people with higher social status have the right to use power; thesis cotton gin Cultures with high power distance are Arab countries, Guatemala, Malaysia.

culturally competent nursing care essay

culturally competent nursing care essay

Published: Mon, treaty is defined as a formally signed binding agreement between two nations. The treaty of Waitangi is a written agreement between Maori and the British crown which took place in 1840 (Orange, 2001). The provision of culturally tailored health care can improve patient 2005, California passed Assembly Bill 1195 that requires patient-related continuing medical education courses in California medical school to incorporate cultural and linguistic competence training in order to qualify for certification credits. In 2011, HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research. Nursing, philosophy and, nursing, theory, nursing, philosophy and, nursing, theory: A Comparison of the Metaparadigm Concepts.

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Although these American citizens have Latin American roots, the term "Latino" to characterize them is more correct since it is more inclusive of non-Spanish-speaking Latinos. The agency supplies and staffs the nurses to take care of patients with a long-term disease or illness that would normally deem them to be institutionalized. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Over time, it was discovered that many patients carried diseases that were easily transferrable via body fluids or blood. Healthcare is the backbone of most communities, not just for its services, but also for the jobs it provides and the economy stimulation. Any medical facility weather hospital, doctors office or nursing home all require an employee to have at least a bare minimum of a certification, but depending on the job position it determines the statue of educational degree required for that position. tags: Nursing Profession, Nursing Career Powerful Essays 1904 words (5.4 pages) Preview - Concepts are essential elements in theories which provide ideas for research in nursing. (20 points) When the patient is admitted to acute rehabilitation and physical therapy, the patient will arrives with a packet with transport service that contains a typed med reconciliation from their discharging location.

In 2007 there were a reportedly 12 million nurses employed (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). There should be cultural sensitivity by being alert to differences and identifying with them because a nurses own experiences can have both negative and positive impact in nursing.

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