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My mom my world essay

my mom my world essay

everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard. Since he didnt have a degree and the job market was plummeting he couldnt find work. My mother is not my whole life, but she is a really big part. She was the only one in her family to go to college, and to graduate as a registered nurse. She knows how challenging the courses are in the medical field and is well aware of the challenges I am faced with in the classes. My mother inspires me to do well in school because she had it a lot harder than. My mom has succeeded in life like no other. Show More, everyone has had accomplishments in their life, and behind those accomplishments is someone who has had an impact on their life. She supports me, and the decisions I make, showed me that success comes from hard work, she inspires me and taught me to always believe in myself. My mom graduated from college and has a job as a teacher. My World My personal world that I live in today is not all that different from most people.

I admire her dedication she had towards herself and her future. All the things that go on samurai essay around me constantly change my mind. She was always straightforward. For example, when I could not make a decision and choose show more content, success comes from hard work, energy, dedication, and a support system. I just want to go and make something of myself. She keeps pushing me to do my best everyday, and even though she is not here with me, I know she wants the best for. The city that I live in now is not a bad one by any means. Either that or Real World. A future where neither my future family nor I had to struggle the way I did. My family, school, and community all play a big part in my life.

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