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Opinion essay about traditional family life

opinion essay about traditional family life

wants doing expenses. Medical expenses also see a rise. I like it when parents trust their children, give them enough freedom and respect them. I believe that a family member would be the first choice, because it is someone you feel is a friend and that you can trust them not to judge you. Dissolution: Mutual Funds come under this stage because their primary expenditure is on medicines, checkups and doctors and spend for future stability. If both are working, income is higher. This stage offers potential for marketers who are involved in providing services like leisure, travel and holiday. This stage extends for about a long 20-25 year period; and could be further broken up into three stages, viz., Full Nest I, Full Nest II and Full Nest III. Some may say friendship, love, and joy; while others say pain, agony, and anger.

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Sasha likes to draw and to watch cartoons. Sometimes when we talk to our parents, they listen only to their own point of view. Parenthood: Mutual Funds also come into this stage because in essay talking about engineering student this the family income increases and then family continues to spend on food, clothes, accessories etc. The highest average purchase of durables takes place in this stage. I also have a granny and a granddad. Stage III: Parenthood: The stage comprises married couples with children. Priorities and Preferences of Purchase: The family size gradually begins to shrink. If the wife is also working, children are âlatchkey kids.â The family spends on food, clothes for children, education of children, insurance policies and investments. More than a half of all marriages in well-developed countries end in divorce. Post parenthood: Mobile phones come under this stage because family is small but wants doing expenses. The third tradition is celebrating holidays together.

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