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Corporal punishment bad essay

corporal punishment bad essay

uneven system whereby the severity of the punishment largely revolves around luck. Using corporal punishment keeps students in school and punishes them, therefore making it clear it isnt a reward. Yes, he was molested, but that was far better than being relentlessly beaten." Spectator ( 2010. The second point is that, it is quick and effective. APA, mLA, chicago, corporal Punishment: Good or Bad? Better Essays 1488 words (4.3 pages) - Corporal Punishment in Schools I wrote this paper for Contemporary Moral Issues class.

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DeLa Salle Brothers in 1950s Ireland. His experience was full of fear, anxiety and physical punishment. But statistics from Sears, Maccoby, and Levin (1957) show that they found that 99 of the children they studied experienced CP at least occasionally. In fact the United States is the only country in the western world that still uses corporal punishment in their public schools. Thus, when using corporal punishment correctly and not abusively, the child understands immediately at a younger age. As researchers like. In general, the physical punishment could range from hitting with heavy objects to mild spanking. Admittedly, there are many reasons to allow corporal punishment. Therefore, I believe corporal punishment is an effective way of punishment and helps direct children the correct way down the road in life with quality traits like discipline, responsibility, and respecting and obeying your authorities. Child discipline with love. Teachers do differ in how hard they hit a student. So we see all these things that easily effect our children and their behavior but people still try to link all of it back to corporal punishment when we should look at the big picture.

corporal punishment bad essay

Corporal punishment is defined as int entionally inflicting pain on the body for purposes of punishment. There are also studies showing corporal punishment has no effect on bad behavior. They demonstrate the behavior altering effects is actually trauma coming. Psychologists, on the other hand, conducted research; a lot of which was biased an d false, telling parents that corporal punishment was bad for their children. His wonderful and innocent childhood was replaced with awful and horrible memories due to the use of corporal punishment in his school.

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