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Manuscript based thesis concordia

manuscript based thesis concordia

and in other databases by Concordia and Library and Archives Canada. This makes it more best art to use for an essay difficult to define precisely when a use qualifies for fair dealing. Using clips of a musical sound recording generally requires copyright clearance from the copyright holders. These licenses allow your thesis to be made available in various ways. The goal is to make all scholarly works easily available to students, researchers and the public at large.

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These factors above are intended to guide you in determining whether you can include the copyrighted work in your thesis, or whether you need to consider alternatives to using the copyright protected work because your proposed use will have a detrimental impact on the work. This license is similar to the Concordia Spectrum license, except that it is transferable to third parties and allows for remunerated uses of which you are eligible to receive a portion. The thesis submission process at Concordia is similar to that in other universities in Canada and the world. An important part of engaging in research and scholarship is giving other authors proper attribution and recognition for their ideas, words, and contributions. Thesis Preparation and Thesis Examination Regulations guide prepared by the Thesis Office lists some commonly used citation manuals. 3 ml 4 ml 5 /thesescanada/0270. Just as you may have used other theses or works in your research, your thesis will be available to guide others in their research. Copyright protects works from being copied, performed or distributed without the permission of the copyright holder, usually the author or the creator how to write an essay on future plans of the work, and provides exceptions for special circumstances. Academic Integrity: Citation Avoiding Plagiarism. Fair dealing is defined by stating what it is not: ". Images Images, including artistic works, photographs, maps, charts, drawings, diagrams as well as tables and graphs, are covered by copyright. Film or video clips may also be covered by copyright; depending on the proportion of a work used in a thesis or dissertation, it may be possible to claim insubstantial use or fair dealing.