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How to write a business merger proposal

how to write a business merger proposal

0 Comments Executive Session Negotiations Continue American negotiations continued this week in Washington,. Making note that pensions are not gifts from employers but deferred wages that employees have sacrificed based on the promise of a secure retirement after a lifetime of work, Buffenbarger shared with the president the findings of a recent study by the Pension Rights Center. We understand that many of you are anxious to get to the table and we thank you for your patience. This week the Association worked on the following proposals: Reduction in Force The proposal was passed from the Union to the Company. . The testimony of the two witnesses alleged that instead of making assigned house call visits, a Teamster organizer sat in his car and forged authorization cards and then turned them in to supervisors along with false house call visitation records. The company claims their wage proposal is industry leading, but is it really industry leading if we have to pay more for health care? Your committee met in Chicago at the IAM District 141 headquarters this week and accomplished the following: -Worked on the Mechanic and Related reconciliation process. Substantial progress was made in several non-economic articles. Try to get an in-person appointment to do the show and tell on the proposal.

Also announced with this filing is the first membership benefit, a Preferential Hiring Agreement between the two unions and American Airlines. All of our responses to the company continue to fall on deaf ears! Effective on membership ratification of joint collective bargaining agreements, representation responsibilities for all Association classifications at the Boston location will remain the same, with the IAM maintaining representation of the pre-merger US Airways workforce and the TWU maintaining representation of the pre-merger American workforce. Your negotiating committee rejects company proposals that unnecessarily shift retirement risk to the membership and will not allow American Airlines to treat our members like second-class citizens. There was alot of "ifs" and "shoulds" but nothing of substance. Shares are up 44 this year. We are left to wonder what other issues the company may reverse course. Talk to your local trade or industry association; they can provide you with in-depth industry analysis, statistics and research that will help you build your business.