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Origin satan elaine pagels thesis

origin satan elaine pagels thesis

Religion. Lxxi, Autumn, 1995,. Thomas, Pagels remarks, teaches that when one comes to know oneself, at the deepest level, one simultaneously knows simple acts of kindness essay God as the source of ones being, and one thus becomes an identical twin to Jesus. New York Review of Books "Lucid and closely reasoned. Or would he, like the pro-Nazi Christians, have chosen instead the path of compromise and accommodation?

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The Devil in the Details, the Origin of Satan. One has the sense that, in her discussion essay on the environment day of Jewish texts, Pagels is engaging in a certain demonization of her owna demonization of Jewish particularism as an example of misanthropy. This book illuminates the angels with which we must wrestle to come to the truth of our bedeviling spritual problems." -Boston Globe "Pagels is a wonderful writer. Christian philo-Semitism is a newer phenomenon than Christian anti-Semitism, and only time will tell whether it has anything approaching the latters phenomenal durability. Indeed, the book is almost entirely derivative and seems to have been hastily patched together.