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Describing friendship essay

describing friendship essay

friend fills heart with joy, and soul with passion and love of life, which relieves the burden of days. Through the nerve-racking process of making new friends, we acquire many skills such as learning to catch peoples attention, being able to introduce yourself fluidly, starting a conversation, being a good listener, and most importantly being able to pursue similar interests. Some may disagree and say that old friend has more importance than making new friends. For example, if your friend was to ask you a question about if their pants makes them look fat, would you tell them your honest opinion or lie to protect their feelings? There was a saying if you speak your truth, your more likely to speak the general truth. We even consider some our long-lost siblings.

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But as the years pass we spread away, and grow from our old habits. There is nothing wrong with being kind to someone, you may never know when you might need help from them. Who adheres to the link of the sacred friendship, and always guides his friend to the way of good, Allah Almighty covers him in his shadow on the Day of Resurrection. Once in awhile, she would call me at night just to talk about life and check up on my grandfathers condition. Friend never allows anyone to remind you of evil; for he sees you as an extension to him, a complement to his soul and existence. Your friends are the ones you go to whenever you need advice, so their honesty is important. New friends give us the opportunity for us to practice our social, and communicative skills that as humans, we will need and use every single day of our lives. I would stop by her house just to check up on her, bring her food, and made sure she was caught up on her homework. Their mental outlook, behaviour, attitudes affect us too.

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