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Parents don't understand their child essay

parents don't understand their child essay

to school next day. Our parents repeat to us that we should pay more attention to our school duties. Although now most parents around the world claim that they show considerable understanding for their children, I believe that a majority abstract for essay writing elementary school of them do not comprehend the pressure we are confronted with. In the same way, Coles, in his essay " I Listen to my Parents and I Wonder What They Believe introduces the idea that the children are more aware of moral issues and because of that are in need of guidance and encouragement to understand. Such a system put us under extremely high pressure as we need to do our utmost to attain favourable opportunities, while some times we just do not have the talent in some subjects. That was my assignment question from my literature teacher. Although some people might have a good comprehension of their children, but I'm personally on the conviction that parents can't get closed and intimate to their children, so they can't understand them like before. I see him at high school reunions and do not keep in touch. Ask our professional writer! As a result, this physical distance between parents and children can lead to a cultural gap between them, because children will get to know other people, and other cultures and that can make it very tough for the parents to understand the new way their.

The teacher told me to read my response and I read what I wrote. This I learnt from a sobering first-hand experience. My cousins mother specialised in psychology in university, and she is very helpful whenever my cousin faces difficulties. I was so upset that my parents could hardly feel my disappointment and I decided not to tell them about my problems since then, as they would not understand.

When all of my friends were happily chatting about the new Korean dramas, I often felt I was left out. Got a writing question? Sometimes it is our big mistake. The third problem is our friends. I think it is very difficult to be a teenager, because everyone has many problems, especially in our time. Punishment is a way parents have to get your attention.

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