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Essay on hindu marriage

essay on hindu marriage

communities, the groom ties a sacred thread (mangal sutra) around the neck of the bride as a mark of the marriage bond. A marriage blessing, bounteous Indra, endow this bride with great sons and fortune. Does not destroy but rather confirms the stability of marriage and purifies its practice. Today they are known as the Hopi Indians which is part of my own heritage. This guides the couple into understanding thats how they should remain together for as long as they live. The clothing worn during the marriage by the bride and groom is suggestion to each others identity inside the marriage. We rather go back to our Vedic ideal embodied in the saptapadi formula: I take thee to be my companion in life.

The Hindu marriage has undergone changes in the last few decades. The unawareness of each others backgrounds before the wedding helps to understand more about their life. A silk cloth is held between them by the priest and supporter. However following are some of the most common and popular rituals. After the service there will be a banquet of food to impress all the guests and to celebrate the joy of marriage.

In arranged marriages, any such advantage is missing. It is also the period during which the bride either becomes popular in her new home or unpopular, depending upon her behavior and her relationships with each member of her husband's family. Each steps in the ceremony has symbolic philosophical and spiritual meaning. A few simple and straight facts about Hindu marriages. The bride is ideally encouraged to wear red as a sign of beauty and the sexual chakra.

In north India, particularly in Bengal, Bihar,.P. This homa is symbolic of fecundity and prosperity. Therefore, a new genre of love cum arranged marriages has emerged, which is a perfect blend of the two worlds. It is sealed by the blessing of the Lord, so both man and woman are expected to procreate and have mutual support for each other. However, a key difference lies in the fact that Islamic marriages are seen as contractual agreements, whereas. After they have courted for a while and have decided it is time to marry they will again inform the parents or if the parents are passed on they will go to the next heads of the house (Voth,.R 1900). The bride and the bridegroom exchange the rings as an image of eternity. With the passing of time, the ideal of Pativratya became to deep-rooted in the mind of the Hindu woman that immolation became not only customary but a womans highest aspiration. The bride will then enter the house of her husbands family for the first time. Marriage is desired not so much for sex or for children as for acquiring a partner for the fulfilment of ones religious duties.

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