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What things make you happy essay

what things make you happy essay

me just say that my life is well-sprinkled with lovely men, with a long succession of editors who have, since I was young, listened and encouraged and published me, with my infinitely generous younger brother, with splendid friends of whom it could. Its all in your mind. Still, there are these other men, too. A Freudian would claim to know what they have and I lack, but intelligence is not situated in the crotcheven if you can write one of Virginia Woolfs long mellifluous musical sentences about the subtle subjugation of women in the snow with your willie.

what things make you happy essay

That idea is not exactly novel.
We ve got it down to four words: Do what you love.
But it s not enough just to tell people that.

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And of course 'To Kill a Mockingbird because Atticus Finch is the ideal father in literature. So even if you dont agree that reading fiction makes us treat others better, it is a way of treating ourselves better. Did they like us? We draw on the same brain networks when were reading stories and when were trying to guess at another persons feelings. Spread your wings and fly! Being completely present with someone is difficult, however, because it requires you to share yourself completely, vulnerabilities and all, and enter moments of unguarded honesty with this person. . Not pleasant stories that make you forget yourself. The moment you detach yourself from all things, (and that doesnt mean you give up your love for them because love and attachment have nothing to do with one another, attachment comes from a place of fear, while love well, real love is pure, kind. Its called Luminita. Caring words are used to communicate, always.