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Should marijuana be legalised school sessay

should marijuana be legalised school sessay

strangle any medical use of marihuana, and not surprisingly, after the Act. This war is a legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In order to comply with the law, institutions that receive federal funding will still need to prohibit the possession of cannabis on their campuses. There are plenty of other reasons why marijuana should be legal. Education and treatment are better ways to address the drug problem. 2 (February 5, 2001. Because of our stake in the healthy development of young minds, we are called to be better informed and more nuanced in our approach to mitigating its impact on our students and our mission. By the time Prohibition was repealed, an informed observer might suggest that the United States had learned its lesson the hard way and would not make the same mistake again. For example, a recent nationwide survey estimated that gang members conduct 33 of all crack cocaine sales, 32 of all marijuana sales, 16 of all powder cocaine sales, 12 of all methamphetamine sales, and 99 of all heroin sales.

should marijuana be legalised school sessay

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Government to become officially involved in its prosecution. Bureau of Justice Statistics data, there were 37,500 federal, state and local inmates incarcerated for marijuana violations in 1998, 15,400 of them for simply possession charges only; using an average cost of 20,000 each, the government spent 750 million to imprison how to write a business plan compilation these offenders that could. Despite a growing body of evidence suggesting that marijuana has a number of useful health-related beneficial applications such as for glaucoma and its use remains popular among tens of millions of Americans today, it would just seem logical that laws concerning its use would reflect. Prohibition also created a new criminal class that was inextricably involved in the manufacture and distribution of this formerly legal substance. Summary: We would have more money to spend on important problems if marijuana were legal. Nevertheless, the law made medical use of cannabis difficult because of the extensive paperwork required of doctors who wanted to use. In our collective national consciousness, we as a society are becoming quite comfortable with the notion of legalized recreational cannabis. Marijuana will ease the pain and suffering of a cancer patient (Cameron., 2003, 265). The use and distribution of marijuana for whatever purpose was not officially regulated by the.S. In this regard, Murdock and Feder add that, The systemic problems in changing drug laws through legislatures, particularly at the federal level, make further local and state initiative efforts even more probable.

should marijuana be legalised school sessay

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