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Sara hussain thesis

sara hussain thesis

at conferences, and material that places the research in a wider context (for example, discussions relating to the commercial exploitation. Rizwanullah Swati, pata Development Project Malakand: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1994-96. Muhammad Zahir Shah, Pak-India Relations (1990-2001 Session 2000-02. Rashida, The City District Government of Peshawar, Session 2002-04. Mirza Ali Jan, Pakistan Movement in Chitral, Session 2007-09. Muhammad Farooq, The Role of N-W.F.P Agricultural University in The Agricultural Development of N-W.F.P, Session. Salman Anwar, Tablighi Movement History and Objectives, Session 2000-02. Muhammad Alam Khan, how to write a fictitious case study paper Pak-China Relations, 1961-72, Session 1993-95. Amin Ullah, Private Institutional in District Karak, Session 2009-11. Saeed Ahmad, Over Population and Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan, Session 1994-96. Naheed Almas, Women Wing of Jama'at-i-Islami, Session 2009-11.

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Tahir Ahmad Yousafzai, Agriculture Development in the District Dir, 1986-96, Session 1996-98. Sadia Khan, 9/11 Tragedy and Pakistans Response, Session 2003-05. Almas Begum, Major Causes of Violence against Women in nwfp (A Acse Study of District Peshawar Session 2006-08. Jamal-ud-Din, Impact of Malakism on Socio-Economic Life of Bajour Agency (A Case Study of Nawaji Sub-Division Session 2012-14. Kahkashan, Political Career of Mohtrama Fatima Jinnah, Session 1991-93. Amina Bibi, Status of Primary Education in District Datagram, Session 2009-11.

Examination of weights yielded many keen insights as to which ados variables are the least important to their modules and can thus be eliminated or deprioritized in a reduced diagnostic. Sajjad, Life and Work. Ali Abbas Khan,. Muhammad Sarfraz, PakSaudi Relations (1947-88 Session. Arbab Haris Ahmad, The Contribution of Khalil Tribe to the Establishment of Peshawar University, Session 2009-11. Jehan Zeb Ali, Land and People of Mohmand Agency, Session. Krol, Jakub, jun-2014, asymptotic limit analysis for numerical models of atmospheric frontogenesis.

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