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May peace prevail on earth essay

may peace prevail on earth essay

and in it traditions were cherished and education was accomplished. Landau, The Nazi Holocaust: Its History and Meaning (US, Ivan. In general, in the mother-family, the domestic system must have lacked integration and discipline. Cotton Mather was befooled by a clever girl, who played on his vanity. The free traders used to tell them that they were constructing a Chinese wall. The methods of business in colonial days were loose and slack to an inconceivable degree.

Men got security without care, women got the sense of refinement and elegance and of aristocratic usage; the interest of men and the vanity of women thus cooperated to establish the folkways which lowered the status of the latter. The advocates of a single silver standard put forward their proposition as a prosperity policy, and they elaborated a philosophy to serve as a major premise. Women can also leave their husbands, if the latter fail of the duties of a husband. The sciences are truly cognate. This may be the very worst tyranny and wrong, unless it is attended by a constant and effective redress of all grievances upon proper complaint. No religion of those which we call world-religions, and which have a complete system, is ever put in practice as a whole; the people always take out of it what suits their tastes and ideas, and that means especially their mores.

His teaching and the many administrative tasks that fell to him always occupied his attention to the subordination of what he might have preferred to do, or of what might have been to his personal interest. The removal of the other world to a remoter place in human interest was a great change in religion; at its best, modern religion became a guide of life here, not a preparation for another life. It is no doubt true that a classical education once gave a man a positive and measurable advantage in the Edition: current; Page: 359 career which he might choose in life. Could we expect anything except that, when the politician and the master of industry were joined in one, we should have the vices of both unchecked by the restraints of either? At Athens, in order to have children of full civil standing, it was necessary that a man should marry the daughter of a citizen, but the women of this class were so secluded in the women's apartments, and lived such a remote life, that young. If a college were such a place as this, its usefulness would be recognized at once. Both instances were that of an intimate, riveting moment between God and man. . As the kings gained real power and prestige in the feudal states they made the king's peace Edition: current; Page: 22 a great reality; it went with the development of the modern state. He seemed at all times positive and even intellectually arrogant, but his personal opinion of his own services and work was entirely self-depreciatory. Parke, speaking of the Manyuema of the Arruwimi in the same region, says that they are fine animals, and the women very handsome. Americans cannot assure the suffrage to negroes throughout the United States; they have tried it for thirty years and now, contemporaneously with this war with Spain, it has been finally demonstrated that it is a failure. The phenomena are intricate and perplexing, but it is certain that we can never understand them unless we follow those indications in them which show us the mores as their ultimate explanation.

may peace prevail on earth essay

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