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Essay engineering wastewater project

essay engineering wastewater project

the shore of Lake Michigan. When chlorine dissolves in pure water, hypochlorous acid is formed followed by hypochlorites which are known as free residual chlorines. (In 1908 Jersey City Water Works, New Jersey, became the first facility to chlorinate, using sodium hypochlorite, but there was uncertainty as to the amount of chlorine to add and no regulation of standards.) To determine the correct dose, Wolman and Enslow analyze the bacteria. Generally, long contact times, high concentration of disinfectant and optimum temperature and pH value will increase the effectiveness of disinfection. Alternatively, it can be transported in a combined sewer which includes stormwater runoff and industrial wastewater. This sewage water is normally will undergo a few process before it is release to the environment but there are still some impact on the environment. Another impact is on the health. Mulholland devised a system to transport the water entirely by gravity flow and supervised 5,000 construction workers over 5 years to deliver the aqueduct within original time and cost estimates. Moreover, with all those new wastewater technologies such as Advanced Oxidation Process, nerv (Natural Endogenous Respiration Vessel Wet oxidation and many others processes, wastewater treatment can be done efficiently. 1996 UV Waterworks Ashok Gadgil, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, invents an effective and inexpensive device for purifying technical write water. Carbon reduction and ammonia conversion occurs in aerobic mode and sometime achieved in a single reactor while nitrate conversion occurs in anoxic mode.

And as there is no secondary pollution, this can be called an effective method. For instant, it reacts rapidly with such compounds as hydrogen sulfide, ferrous iron and manganese which found in industrial wastewater. The safe drinking water that much of the world takes for granted today did not exist, and deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery were a constant threat. Philippines edit In the Philippines, Republic Act 9275, otherwise known as the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, 9 is the governing law on wastewater management. By using the new technology, the total cost of operation can be cut down to approximately 50 percent of the total cost of conventional treatment. Boston engineers Leonard Metcalf and Harrison. Access to either of these systems is typically through a manhole. Some wastewater may be highly treated and reused as reclaimed water. Ascaris (roundworm Ancylostoma (hookworm Trichuris (whipworm It can also contain non-pathogenic bacteria and animals such as insects, arthropods, small fish. In a number of wastewater treatment methods, semi-solid contaminants like grease and oil are allowed to float on the surface of the water, and then they are physically removed.

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