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Essay on being a good wife

essay on being a good wife

your husband in many ways. According to the author, one particular preacher known as Cotton Mather, commonly referred to her as New England's leading divine (Berkin 22). She will also readily admit when she has made a mistake.

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Femininity, in order to attract and keep a good partner, you must first be a good partner. You need to be warm, kind, pleasant, caring, affectionate, friendly, positive and understanding. In order to thrive, you need specialization of labor. Men love having a wife who takes care of herself and looks good.

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The husband feels responsible for taking care of his wife and derives self-confidence from his ability to do so; hes put in a position where he wants to make her happy, not because he has. There has to be mutual trust for a relationship to succeed. Her and the other captives were then marched into the wilderness. He has other people and relationships too, such as his parents, siblings, and friends. Give Him Space: Giving each other space is important in any relationship.

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essay on being a good wife