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The english patient essays

the english patient essays

The married Clifton, at first reluctant to have any sexual relationship with Almasy, later finds herself unable to resist temptation and soon falls in love with the obsessed Almasy. By: Michael Ondaatje, the English Patient is a Booker Prize-winning novel by Michael Ondaatje that was first published in 1992. The love scenes displayed are intense and intellectual rather than explicit. The music reaches its climax in terms of intensity and loudness at this point and the suspense also reaches a maximum. The camera at this point is where it was for the original toast, high above, tilting down. The camera focuses on the neck of Katherine. At this point, a telephoto lens is used to concentrate the viewers attention on Katherine and Almasy and their dialogue rather than on the background events taking place. One of the numerous themes of The English Patient is the troubles, hardships and ever lasting negative emotions that war causes. The bars, running perpendicular to each other, cast a shadow in the shape of a cross.

the english patient essays

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It is of the opinion that although The English Patient is a fictitious piece of work, the style in which it was filmed made the viewers feel that it was as real if not more realistic than Remarques novel/movie. However, as the war moves on and nears its end, Kip must transfer positions leaving Hana alone with only Almasy and Caravaggio. In addition, Hanas job requires her to care for war wounded, dying patients who rely on solely hope to survive. Also, in view at this time is Count Almasy, still in his position behind the bars of the window watching the acting Katherine. On the surface, he is a British citizen who is along for the adventure and romance of an exploration into the African desert. In addition, as with Ondaatjes other works, The English Patient is postmodern in its complexity.

The internal and external rhythms, lighting, camera angles, lenses, music, dialogue, and editing are displayed in a way which conveys the meanings and themes to the viewer in such a clear and efficient manner. Also, if that isnt enough, Almasy fails to save the life of Katherine Clifton, a woman who he loves so dearly. She meets up with Almasy in a doorway and walks behind him as they hold hands and go into a back private room of the Embassy. The diligent Nurse feels as if everyone she has ever loved eventually leaves her. The character of Count Almasy, the explorer, member of The International Sand Club, and archaeologist mapmaker is a very alluring one to the imperial eye. Other examples include light from bonfires and lanterns.

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