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Easy essay about water pollution

easy essay about water pollution

as a solvent for the secretory and excretory products. (vi) Hydrological characteristics of diluting biocides. Plant nutrients and dissolved substances: These are chemical fertilizers. (b) Surface Water: Water present over the surface of earth in rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans is known as surface water. And cyanides causes stomach and skin diseases in man. The consumption of water contaminated by fibres as asbestos causes lung cancer and stomach diseases called Asbestosis.

Infectious agents: These include germs and viruses which cause several diseases. But, it still happens. These refers to domestic water supplies for drinking water. Sometimes, the natural water is also associated with NH4 (ammonium ion NO3_ (nitrate ion NO2 (nitrite ion) and HNO3 (nitric acid). However, it may be associated with dissolved gases like C02, S02, NH3 etc. The lake sites should be properly cleaned time to time.

easy essay about water pollution

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Other sources of ground water pollution may include: (a) Earthen septic tanks; (b) Seepage pits; (c) Barnyard manures; (d) Urban and rural garbages; (e) Mine spills; (f) Refuse dumps; (g) Leaching and downward movement of pollutants. According to United States Public Health Services, water pollution means the presence of any toxic substance in water that degrades the quality to constitute a hazard or impair its usefulness. (iv) Polluted ground water containing more than.3 ppm of iron becomes extremely harmful for drinking purpose. Classification of Water Pollution : On the basis of sources and storage of water, water pollution nay be divided into the following categories:. Higher Specific and Latent Heat (Thermal properties Because of its higher specific heat, it can store a large quantity of thermal energy with a comparatively smaller rise in its own temperature. Industrial effluents carrying industrial waste water. The pollutants from point sources are of definite identity with almost a fixed volume and composition. Water Quality Parameters and Standards. Advertisements: As regards to its physical state, it exists in three different states: (a) Water liquid (Common water). It may be because of laziness, like not wanting to bring hyland essay on plato's closet their oil to a place where it can be disposed of properly. Anyway, water pollution is a global problem affecting both developed and developing countries.

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