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Essay of population exploitation

essay of population exploitation

during the summer season now experience extremely hot weather. There arises excessive demand for finished products leading to over-industrialization and over-utilization of resources. In theory and in practice, the total available resources are shared by the people using them. Decrease in infant mortality essay on crow in punjabi rate: An improvement in medical science and technology, wide usage of preventive drugs (vaccines has reduced the infant mortality rate. Food security is another area that need attention. This is because it is having a negative impact on the weather. As it happens in India and several underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa, the unemployed threatens the very process of development and plunge the country in gloom. Changes in the Climate The climate in various parts of the world has changed drastically.

Population is commonly referred to the total number of people living in an area. Free Education, the government of India has also made free education available for the children of the country by way of its Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act. If we have to make certain hard decisions for its accomplishment no one should hesitate to lead and pull the trigger. This is the problem of Dependency ratio which is acutely felt in our country. Overpopulation has contributed towards an increase in a number of social evils, like lawlessness, crime and corruption. Besides, technological growth has given way to industrialization. Impacts Of Overpopulation, low Economic Growth, low Investment And Unemployment. Some of the major impacts are shortage of food and housing facilities, overcrowding in cities, low investment etc.

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