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Ap history reconstruction essay

ap history reconstruction essay

when heproposed his ten percent plan, which stated that a state could be brought back into theUnion when 10 percent of its voters in the presidential election of 1860 had taken an oathof allegiance to the Union. Furthermore, the addition of three new amendments also tremendously changed the lives of African Americans. Although all of the reinforcements were made to help African Americans, there were still many issues and disagreements upon the viewpoints of the American people. There was separation in simple things such as water fountains and restrooms, to more intricate things such as federal workplaces and the US military. Jim Crow Laws created segregation between the two races, separating them with any given opportunity. Explain and analyze significant issues.S. Questions provide opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know best.

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In 1865, many American citizens of African descent claimed that if they were able to be drafted, then they should have the right to vote as well (Doc. So although the ideas of reconstruction were revolutionary, the actions that followed them backfired the plan. American democracy has faced numerous challenges from the 1700s to modern day. This sectionalist path will harm the peoples sense of nationality and also harm the economy. The years 1805, 1905, and 2005 were no exception to this tradition; tho.

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