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Sparta better than athens essay

sparta better than athens essay

worn with more freedom of movement allowed. Spartan citizens needed to be able to debate and deliberate in the Assembly, to voice their opinions. Wealth was still commonplace, but not as much as in Athens. This posed a drag on the economy. This is true, they revolted, but that is because some of our helots were foreigners and did not realize the privilege they had as being a Spartan helot, say versus an Athenian Slave. Lastly, both belonged to leagues of allies. Spartans oligarchy protected its people by centering their society on military. Aristotle preferred a monarchy or an aristocracy to a democracy, and Socrates found democracy corrupt, preferring strong and intelligent city-states like Sparta.

But only one could be the best, was it Sparta or Athens? This means that Sparta offers much more protection than Athens would. But in the end, it is an obvious choice that Athens was clearly the better Greek City State. Showing off wealth in public marked you as a show-off or a bragger. Also, with only 300 men, the Spartan warriors managed to severely damage a whole Persian army before falling. A dominant military and later took over Athens. According to common belief Spartan children are encouraged to steal food, but this was only during a certain period in their upbringing, as it brought strength and hardship to their skillset. Sparta"s constitution was the first known constitution to give supreme power in the hand of the citizens, in the form of the Assembly. The Assembly was composed of every adult male in Sparta, but theoretically anybody could participate. No woman can own any property or vote at any time. Sparta had a strong military, and this is a Spartan helmet to represent this. They focused on physical strength to support the military.

The more time these men spent away from their jobs the less money they made. Helots could also buy their freedom with the profits of their labor.