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Content and process theories of motivation essay

content and process theories of motivation essay

need fulfillment. His theory is based upon two assumptions. Can come easier with equitable outcomes. It is a motivational factor that helps growth. These needs are explained in more detail as follows:. Company policies and administrative rules that govern the working environment. In fact Alderfers theory could easily become a part of Adams theory as a way of determining outputs, for example friendly relationships in workplace is part of Relatedness set of needs and output, which management has provided. Home Essay on Motivation. Wages, salary and other types of employee benefits.

The safety needs look to the future. These are primarily the needs arising out of physiological or biological tension. Long deprivation of a given need, results in fixation for that need. The main difference between these theories lies in the fact that Alderfers one focuses on satisfaction of needs whereas Adams one focuses on creating good and balanced relationship between inputs and outputs of the worker and more importantly good relationship and equality between co-workers, and. Esteem needs: These refer to a persons need to develop self-respect and to gain recognition and approval from others which would induce a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence in the individual. Such altruism, albeit self-referential, does not sit easily under the assumptions of the rational, economic-person model. Self-esteem (recognition and self-belief.

It does not adequately explain interactions in close relationships such as marriage or emotional labor where we may provide care to others at a burdensome cost of declining personal well-being and self-denial. Theories of Motivation - Overview of the Content Theories of Motivation. Alderfers and Adams theories both point out the need of balance between things, however each theory puts stress on different things. 3 Major Types of Motivation Theories Content Theories of Motivation what motivates us Process show more content, that is, if a higher-order need is frustrated, an individual then seeks to increase the satisfaction of a lower-order need. Power motivation when applied positively results in successful leaders and managers who prefer democratic style of leadership. Herzbergs two-factor model is tied in with Maslows basic model in that Maslow is helpful in identifying needs and Herzberg provides us with directions and incentives that tend to satisfy these needs. Longer the process of the levelling takes, longer the employees feel the discomfort of injustice which will inevitably lead to employees satisfaction or motivation dropping or level of stress rising. These are the basic needs for sustaining human life itself, such as food, water, warmth, shelter, and sleep. All the hygiene factors are designed to avoid damage to efficiency or morale and these are not expected to stimulate positive growth. Similarly, a person may not go to the higher needs even when his lower level needs are satisfied. These are the needs to belong and to be accepted by various groups. Thus, when an individual desires a particular outcome the value of V is positive.

Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation - UK Essays Essay Sample - The Content theory and Process theory - OzEssay One process theory of motivation Essay Example for Free

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