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Lenin vs trotsky essay

lenin vs trotsky essay

Soon after, Lenin started a theoretical struggle against the falsifiers of Marx, in the legal Press. 7 the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, on Lenins motion, passed a decree dissolving the constituent assembly. Lenin demanded decisive action to seize the supreme power, and on his side began an unremitting fight against the hesitations of the leaders of the party. So Lenin decided to change the Communist Policy. They cause different results. At the end of the year the first number of the paper. The small daily Pravda became at once in his hands a powerful instrument for the overthrow of bourgeois society. The simplicity of his literary and oratorical style expressed the extreme concentration of his spiritual forces bent on a single aim. The amount of food produced fell sharply.

They wielded their influence through typically feminine skills and attributes: seduction, supernatural powers. Death solves all problems. Stalin forced peasants to collectivise (land was pooled together). However, the Poles drove the Russians out. However in my opinion Lenin did not remotely approach Stalin when it came to the barbarous, callous, and merciless treatment metered out to the people.

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